melody van der veen

Creative, strategic leader fueled by innovation in the arts and equality through social justice.






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Melody has proven her ability to run a business with amazing determination.
— Amy Gunneson, Balletmore client
Melody was happy to work on anything that was needed around the office, no matter the size or scope of the project. Her work was efficient and timely, and she wasn’t afraid to ask questions to fill in the gaps. She was a great asset to our video work during her time with our team.
— Catherine Smyka, LaFleur Marketing
Melody is a very dedicated “take charge” person who is able to present her ideas, communicate them effectively, and present the benefits they will cause. She clearly outlines her design and marketing plans, keeping everyone’s best interest at heart.
— Jenna Pewarchie, Balletmore employee
Melody’s professionalism in the office has greatly improved systems of organization, payment, and communication. She has increased exposure for the studio through social media and developed systems that the studio previously did not have.
— Bethany Gemmen, Balletmore client